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same-oh! started off as a friendly game of scrabble, where the words played by casey were collected in a group and the words played by me were collected in a group. scrawled impromptly on a dirty napkin. the points, it seemed, didn't matter. it was the prose that came after. it may have not been revolutionary, but we stumbled on something ancient: playing with words.

we each had to write one piece (prose, poetry, essay, nonsense/jibberish) using casey's words and one piece using my words. in the end we each had two poems using the same words from two groups, but (even better) we had completely different outcomes. we read them to eachother, laughed our asses off and suddenly i was introduced to same-oh! I've played scrabble with many people and collected those writings into a 'zine called SPAT. now LiveJournal hosts its own little same oh! fest.

i've been shocked and glad that i've seen self-professed "experts" break out of their typical style of writing and also those who would never dare pick up a pen, even for a shopping list. same-oh! process is easy and, above all, a connecting experience between us all. there are no expectations, but to just show up with your words in a new bundle!

other writing games/projects are already being schemed for the future, so hang out when you can and explore with us. if you have any ideas, let's build this thing together.

drop in!


simple guidelines
here's how we'll do it.

1. someone will post any number of random words. if the poster is feeling zippy, there could be a theme. feel free to post some words yourself!

2. you should write something using every word or a form of the word (plural, gerund, past tense, etc.) scattered in your "piece". don't spend a lot of time, at the most 30 minutes or so. capture that first thought and plug in. we like 'em raw! we like 'em anyway you'd like to serve it! no expectations, folks! none. zilch.

3. don't worry about spelling, punctuation or logic, unless you think that makes you enjoy it more. we're here to have fun. while some deem comma splicing a mortal sin, others might find to be cheeky fun. no rules here.

3. when you're done post it back as a comment to the thread where the original words were introduced. then we'll compare how we all chose to use the same-oh! words in different ways, seeing language as our own plaything.

4. comment / have fun / be considerate.

5. many people use this process as a rough draft or idea bank for future works, and you'll want to go back to most of your writings and run with them on your own. keep that in mind.

yep. simple!
have fun!
let loose!

(remember the main idea behind same-oh! is to relax and play. everyone has his/her way of doing that, so encourage... have fun! support each other, but leave all the stuffy criticism for the other communities. we keep it pretty simple here. think of this as your playground.)

NOTE: all works belong to the creator of the piece as appropriately labeled in the post. consider it a universal copyright. please do not claim ownership of any creation that isn't yours. yes, get inspired, but please don't steal.

thank you.


questions? comments? if you can think of ANYTHING!
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